Italian Fashion

Lake Como Italy

A few weeks back I had the experience of visiting Italy for the first time. I flew into milan linate and rented a car and drove up to Lake Como. In the drive there I discovered that I wasn't as good as driving stick shift, and that Milan rush hour made me feel like I was back at home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The stalls, the honking, the anxiety. I was at peace amidst the chaos.

One of the more interesting things about visiting milan I noticed was the fashion. I loved it! So many beautiful people dressed so well. I complimented a few people wearing fall jackets that looked more like blazers than an actual midwest american fall jacket because the people wearing them really were pulling them off!

Arriving in Lake Como I realized this was very much a vacation, tourist destination for a lot of people. The boat driver I paid for mentioned that upon speaking with Guiseppe and Yana that they were the first couple that spoke italian that he had met this summer. I imagine it's a very cliche thing to go to lake como and rent a boat for a video shoot but to me it was still worth it.

Yana was supposed to be wearing a white dress I had purchased from as a recomment from my friend meg at the loui photography. link here: but I had forgotten the dress in some haste that morning where my friend missed his taxi to the airport and I offered to drive him back. Lots going on. I know haha.

So Yana wore the black dress she had on while we created some cool moments on the shores of lake como. I hope to improve my fashion after the trip to Italy. Seems like they really have the fashion industry elevated in that portion of the world. In the rest of the Midwest's defense they don't have many 20 below Fahrenheit days in Italy which restricts a lot of winter fashion here.