A Night to Remember: Delasalle High School Prom on Padelford Riverboats

The evening of May 12, 2024, was a magical night for the students of Delasalle High School. Against the picturesque backdrop of Saint Paul's serene riverfront, the senior prom took place aboard the enchanting Padelford Riverboats. As a photographer capturing the essence of the evening, I was privileged to witness the joy, excitement, and elegance that marked this memorable occasion.

The Padelford Riverboats, renowned for their classic charm and scenic cruises along the Mississippi River, provided the perfect venue for this grand event. As students boarded, the golden hues of the setting sun reflected off the water, creating a breathtaking tableau. The boats, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations, set a glamorous stage for the evening ahead.

As the students arrived, dressed in an array of stunning gowns and sharp suits, there was an air of anticipation and excitement. Groups of friends posed for photos on the dock, their smiles wide and spirits high. The gentle breeze off the river added a touch of coolness to the warm spring evening, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Once on board, the festivities kicked into high gear. The lower deck was transformed into a vibrant dance floor, with a DJ spinning tracks that had everyone moving. The upper deck offered a more relaxed setting, with couples and friends enjoying the panoramic views of the Saint Paul skyline and the tranquil river below.

As the official photographer, my goal was to capture the candid and posed moments that would become lasting memories. From the exuberant laughter shared among friends to the intimate, quiet moments between couples, every snapshot told a story. The backdrop of the Mississippi River, coupled with the elegant decorations and the natural beauty of the evening, provided endless opportunities for stunning photographs.

One of the highlights of the evening was the grand march, where students walked down a red carpet, showcasing their outfits and enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Another standout moment was the crowning of the prom king and queen, a tradition that added a touch of nostalgia and excitement to the night.

As the boat cruised along the river, the city lights of Saint Paul illuminated the night, adding a magical glow to the already enchanting evening. The DJ kept the energy high with a mix of classic hits and modern favorites, ensuring that the dance floor was never empty.

As the night drew to a close, the boats returned to the dock, and students disembarked with memories that would last a lifetime. The sense of camaraderie and joy was palpable, a testament to the success of the event. For me, as the photographer, it was a privilege to document such a special night. Each photograph captured not just a moment in time, but the essence of youth, friendship, and the excitement of new beginnings.

The Delasalle High School prom aboard the Padelford Riverboats was an evening filled with beauty, joy, and unforgettable moments. It was a celebration of the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Mississippi River and the Saint Paul skyline. As the photographs from the night are shared and cherished, they will serve as a reminder of a night when everything was perfect, and the future was bright and full of promise.

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