Minnesota Family Photographer

For the last 7 years I've been photographing families around the midwest. When the Horrmann's asked me to take some photos for their Christmas card again this year, I jumped at the chance! Their kids are incredible photogenic and Courtney always gets everyone wearing something that looks amazing.

We went to a park north of Saint Paul that had a child's play area and a really fun rock garden. The kids had plenty to do and we were able to grab a few awesome shots in a couple different locations. If you're wondering how the kids are smiling in these photos, it's due to a lot of snacks and a few photographer tricks I've gotten from photographing a lot of friends kids over the years. One of the things I do is have the parents toss the kid or swing the kid around (if the child likes it) to get them to laugh and then immediately go to a pose that's facing the camera. haha, this seems to work and it gets the kids more involved!

If you're looking for a family photo session don't hesitate to reach out directly via text or email or via this websites contact form.

email: tim.thornburg@gmail.com

phone: 262 443 2143