Here’s my 5 tips for planning a destination wedding.

  1. Start Early and Research Thoroughly:
  2. Begin the planning process well in advance to secure the best deals and availability for venues, vendors, and accommodations. Destination weddings often require more lead time.
  3. Research potential destinations thoroughly. Consider factors like weather, local regulations, and cultural customs that may impact your wedding plans.
  4. Visit the Destination Beforehand:
  5. If possible, visit the destination in advance. This allows you to personally assess potential venues, meet with local vendors, and get a feel for the overall atmosphere.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the local customs and legal requirements for getting married in that location.
  7. Hire a wedding planner.
  8. A wedding planner can provide insights into the best seasonal times for weddings and help you integrate local elements into your celebration.
  9. Communication is Key:
  10. Maintain clear communication with guests. Provide them with all the necessary information well in advance, including travel details, accommodation options, and any planned activities or excursions.
  11. Create a wedding website with detailed information about the destination, schedule of events, and any travel tips. This can be a central hub for keeping everyone informed.
  12. Budget Wisely:
  13. Destination weddings can have unexpected costs, so budgeting is crucial. Factor in travel expenses for you, your bridal party, and any guests you plan to subsidize.
  14. Be mindful of currency exchange rates and local taxes that may impact your budget. Consider the overall cost of living in the destination when planning your wedding budget.
  15. Look for destination-specific wedding packages that may offer bundled services at a more affordable rate.

Remember that flexibility is key when planning a destination wedding, and having contingency plans in place for unforeseen circumstances can help ensure a smooth and memorable celebration.

Below are some images and a short video from Lake Como, Italy. This was the first time I've been. It took a little bit to figure out how to navigate when in italy but it was a really great trip. I rented a car- (stick shift) ( and yes they drive on the right side of the road) and drove from Milan- Lenada airport to Como and then north along the Lake como coast. The roads are very narrow and the drive is not like one in America, you have to be alert at all times. The roads are windy, people are walking on the roads because the sidewalk doesn't exist and some places you have to stop and wait to let oncoming traffic through because the road isn't wide enough for both of you to fit. It caused a lot of learning and unexpected adventures but one thing i really enjoyed about the trip was this couple below (Yana and Guiseppe). They could see I was having a day when we met to shoot and were incredibly gracious and even helped me get down to the correct boat dock to go out on the lake. They are super kind souls and if you're ever looking for a model couple in Italy be sure and check out their instagram. Link below to their instagram!